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Racing at Wobble Cycle Club 

For more info about racing please contact Nick Jones or Angharad Jones via our Facebook page Wobble Cycle Club

What we do.... 

At the Wobble Cycle Club, racing isn't just a sport—it's a vibrant celebration of cycling passion and camaraderie. From the adrenaline-pumping sprints of the Wobble Sprint Series to the precision of the Time Trial Team (TTT) competitions and the technical challenges of Lader Racing, every event is a thrilling showcase of diverse skills and sheer love for the ride. More than podium finishes, it's about fostering a community where riders of all levels come together, pushing boundaries, and sharing the joy of cycling.



Time Trial Team (TTT) competitions stand out as tests of individual prowess against the clock. Cyclists showcase their speed and endurance in these races, where precision and personal performance take precedence. The against-the-clock format adds an element of strategy and self-challenge, making it a favorite among riders seeking personal bests.

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The Lader Racing events, on the other hand, emphasize technical prowess and agility. These races are known for their challenging terrains, incorporating steep climbs, technical descents, and varied landscapes. Riders navigate through rugged trails, showcasing their adaptability and skill in handling diverse cycling environments.


The Wobble Sprint Series injects an adrenaline rush into the racing scene. Sprint races focus on bursts of speed and power over short distances, demanding quick reflexes and explosive energy from participants. These races often attract a wider audience due to their thrilling and fast-paced nature. With both mixed and women's races every series. 


ZRL brings together cyclists from all levels onto the Zwift platform for exhilarating races. Whether you're a novice or a pro, there's a division for you! Feel the rush as you compete in weekly races, strategizing with your team, and giving it your all to secure victory.

Cyclists from various skill levels and teams participate in weekly races, competing in different divisions based on their abilities. The races are challenging and often involve strategic teamwork, drafting, and sprinting to achieve victory.

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